Home or Business Flood Claims - Have You Been Underpaid?

During the Great Flood of August 2016, many Louisiana communities were devastated.  However, only 25% of homes that were completely destroyed were covered by insurance.  A considerable amount of those claims were either denied or were severely underpaid.

Two employees of Mensman Law flooded. During the aftermath, we closed our office for three consecutive weeks in order to help neighbors begin the cleanup and rebuild process. We pulled soaked carpet out of destroyed homes. We cut out sheetrock. We removed cabinets. We pried wood floors. We hauled precious personal possessions out of homes, wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow. We helped any way we could.

Now, we want to help again.

Typically our practice is limited to personal injury and workers' compensation claims. However, because this flood has so deeply affected our community, we have decided to stand up and protect the rights of flood victims. 

Time may be running short on filing your Proof of Loss claim.  The deadline for completing this complex paperwork is 270 days from the date of loss.  For example, if the floodwaters reached your home on August 13, 2016, the current deadline would be May 10, 2017. If you haven't yet filed your Proof of Loss claim, call us today and we will help you.  If you have filed a Proof of Loss claim, there is a strong likelihood that your claim was underpaid. Our team of experienced flood professionals will review your claim and search for everything owed to you, even if you have already been paid by insurance.

We have heard many stories of denied or underpaid claims. Business owners have told us about permanent large equipment, bolted to the foundation, that was destroyed in the flood but not paid for by insurance.  Residential homeowners have told us that their claims for ceramic tile, door knobs, door hinges, siding, permanent generators and air conditioner units, all destroyed in the flood, yet all denied by insurance.

Call Mensman Law today. Too busy rebuilding your home?  We will come to you.