When you are injured, often your employer will send you to an occupational clinic. These clinics are often crowded and unable to render quality care for seriously injured workers. What happens if those clinics simply send you back to work without a substantive evaluation or treatment?

The Louisiana Workers' Compensation Act provides that you are entitled to your choice of physician in each field or specialty. The request should be made directly to the insurance adjuster. If you are able, it is best to make this request in writing.

Once you make your choice of physician, you generally are not able to choose another physician in the same field.  However, you are authorized to choose a physician in a different field. For instance, if you are currently treating with an orthopedic surgeon, you generally cannot choose another orthopedic surgeon. However, you should be authorized to seek an evaluation with a pain management physician, while simultaneously treating with the orthopedic doctor.

At Mensman Law Firm, we assist our clients in choosing the appropriate field and physician to ensure they receive the best possible care. If the insurance company refuses to approve your choice of physician, contact us and we can protect your rights and seek to compel the authorization.