Often, insurance companies will offer to resolve conflicts with our clients. We always demand that any such resolution take the form of a judgment, which is signed by the court. We demand this because it offers great protection of the rights of our clients. It allows a mechanism for us to enforce the resolution. What if the insurance company offers to resolve a conflict and then they fail to pay the resolution?

An employer or insurance company that fails to pay a judgment providing installment payments timely may also be subject to a proceeding at which the judgment may be accelerated. At this proceeding, all installment payments may be ordered to be immediately payable, even future installment payments. 

Additionally, if an employer or insurance company fails to pay a final, non-appealable judgment within 30 days after it becomes due, the court shall add to such award an amount equal to 24 percent thereof or $100 per each calendar day it remains unpaid, whichever is greater, unless such nonpayment resulted from conditions over which the employer or insurance company had no control. 

At Mensman Law, we continue to protect your rights by monitoring and enforcing agreements made by insurance companies. We hold them accountable.