How to Submit a Mileage Reimbursement Request

Originally Posted on May 7, 2014

The Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act provides that an injured employee is entitled to reimbursement for miles driven to obtain medical treatment. The reimbursement applies to travel to and from your doctor’s appointments, pharmacy visits, physical therapy appointments and others. There is no specific form necessary, but most insurance companies will provide you with a form that they have created. The form will generally contain space for you to report the date of the visit, the healthcare provider visited, and the total miles (round-trip) travelled. If you forget to track the specific mileage on the date of your visit, an alternative is to visit a reputable website to calculate the mileage driven.

You can submit a mileage reimbursement request as often as you would like. Generally, most clients submit a mileage reimbursement request monthly, with multiple visits on each form. The insurance company must pay the mileage reimbursement request within 60 days of receipt. We always submit the mileage reimbursement request via facsimile or some other transmission which allows us to prove when the request was submitted. The current reimbursement rate is $0.51 per mile, but the rate changes and the rate is specific to the date of the visit. In other words, if you are submitting old reimbursement requests, the effective reimbursement rate may not be $0.51 per mile.

It is very important to ensure the accuracy of the reimbursement request submitted to the insurance company. The particular adjuster assigned to handle your claim often will verify the dates and mileages submitted on your form. If the adjuster believes that you have made a false representation on your mileage reimbursement request, they could allege fraud and seek to have your benefits terminated.