Always Keep Your Medical Records

Originally Posted on September 6, 2013

While it is important that you show up for all of your medical appointments, it is just as important that you keep track of what any doctor is reporting to the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation insurance company about your medical condition, your ability to return to work, and any type of treatment you may need in the future.

This is an important practice to follow, particularly when the insurance company sends you on an evaluation with a doctor that they choose.  When you go to these appointments, the doctor, psychologist, or therapist your employer or your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance company has chosen for you should give you a copy of their report when they give a copy to the insurance company. You are entitled to a copy. Unfortunately, if you are unrepresented by an attorney, this is one of those rules that you will likely have to enforce yourself by asking for a copy from the Workers’ Compensation insurance company or the doctor’s, psychologist’s, or therapist’s office.

At Mensman Law Firm, we are able to get these records for our clients.  It helps us continue to protect their rights.